Labor Training Center

Labor Training Center

To enhance demand of occupation, earning power and marketable skills, SARAL BUILDCON has created a labor training center wherein labor forces would obtain effective training programs.

We provide almost all types of training programs especially designed for labors, starting from vocational to remedial education or an amalgamation of both. With efficient training modules, we make sure that it will create more job openings than there are adequately trained labors.

Our training program has met all local and state requirements to be permitted to give effective training programs. If you want to update your job skills, then we welcome you to enroll your name in our training programs so that we can provide an organized way to make your skills up-to-date. So, have the training and empower yourself to high-value employment and enjoy your job life.

FOR BOOKING INQUIRY CONTACT ON : +91 7600001144 / +91 7600001188

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